Get An Official Notary Stamp For Your Business

Notary stamps are required in the majority of US states by all notary officials. At we are proud to offer our clients custom made notary rubber stamps to suit their needs and to comply with state law. Ordering your notary rubber stamp is easy and your entire order can be processed online for your convenience. At we deliver throughout the US and will design your notary stamp to suit any state regulations.

When Are Notary Stamps Used?

Notary rubber stamps are used by notary officials and in many states throughout the US. A notary stamp is required by law. At we advise all customers to check with their state regulations prior to ordering the notary rubber stamp. This is because the information required on the stamp will vary according to state; indeed some states will not require a notary stamp to verify a document or the personnel. This leaves many people to question, 'what exactly is the role of a notary ?' And 'why is a notary rubber stamp required?

• A notary will normally be appointed by the top official Representative of the State, be it Governor, Secretary or Treasurer.

• A notary is a person recognized as an official representative in overseeing certain transactions. A great many legal and business dealings require an impartial witness or third party; this is the service a notary will provide.

• Having a notary or impartial witness brings an added integrity to business operations. In order to display the presence of a notary, notary stamps are most commonly used.

• A notary's role of impartial witness is most often invoked to reside over the signing of official documents including a last will of testimony, the sale of property deeds and various other business transactions.

• In order for the notary to add their notary stamp seal to a document, their client (i.e. the person signing the document) must prove their identity to the notary. This may require the person signing the document to provide a range of official documents before the notary.

• Upon witnessing the signing of an official document or performing other notary duties, the notary will compose a 'notarial certificate'. This certificate will attest to the notary's presence at the signing of the document. It will also state that all parties involved were of sound state of mind and were signing of their own will. Once this certificate is composed, the notary will sign and seal the document. To 'seal' the document is to apply the notary rubber stamp. Although these notary rubber stamps are required in a majority of the US states, they are not mandatory in every state. This certificate will be present at the end the signed document or will accompany it as a separate paper.

What Should Be Included On Notary Stamps?

The laws regarding notaries and notary stamps vary considerably according to requirements mentioned by different states. This means that the duties and authorities of notaries will also vary; all notaries should be aware of these differences and should be particularly aware of the notary law in their state. Most notary stamps will need to include the official business name of the notary, the date the notary was appointed and the state under which appointment took place. At we tailor- make notary rubber stamps to suit our clients needs. The notary stamp will need to include a local county or state emblem, as this gives the notary stamps authority and official prestige. At our quality notary rubber stamps ensure a clear and professional stamp for every notary.

Using a notary stamp on documents that require a notary official to be present will provide the document with more authority. This professionalism and authority will reflect on the notary and their company. If you are a notary in a state that does not require a notary rubber stamp it may still be beneficial to use a stamp. Ordering notary rubber stamps from is simple and easy and will provide you with a professional quality notary rubber stamp. The complete notary rubber stamp selection, design and ordering can be done online.

If you have any questions about our notary rubber stamps, please contact a member of our staff today! We can advise you on design and usage, and provide you with precise ordering and delivery details.