Heavy Duty Self-Inking Stamps


 Arrow right Image Workhorse stamps stand up to the rigors of frequent use.

Stamps have a sturdy plastic alloy that can be used for frequent and repeating stamping. Find the size that you need and select if you want to start with an easy text template or just upload your own artwork.
 Arrow first ImageHeavy Duty Self-Inking Stamps
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Trodat Professional 5200 Self-Inking Stamp 1" x 1.625"

• To customize stamp, add text of your choice.

• Assign to that a color and font to personalize stamp.

Max. Print Size: 1" x 1.625" (H x W)
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Trodat Professional 5204 Self-Inking Stamp 1" x 2.25"

• Add your custom text to personalize stamp.

• You can select color and font for your custom text.

Max. Print Size: 1" x 2.25" (H x W)
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Trodat Professional 5208 Self-Inking Stamp 1.875" x 2.75"

• Add up to several lines of custom text.

• Choose from different color and font options.

Max. Print Size: 1.875" x 2.75" (H x W)
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Trodat Professional 5211 Self-Inking Stamp 2.25" x 3.375"

• Add up to multiple lines of custom text, three lines above and three lines below the date.

• You can choose the font and color of your text.

Max. Print Size: 2.25" x 3.375" (H x W)