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Frequently Asked Questions

 The Stamp King answers some of our customers most popular questions

Q. How are Self-Inking and Pre-Inked Stamps different?

Self-inking stamps have a built-in ink pad. A patented spring device automatically re-inks the die with your image between each impression. In slow motion, you can watch the rubber stamp as it flips up and then down against the ink pad – with each impression. In general our self-inking stamps use a water-based ink. Even though they typically need to be re-inked more than pre-inked stamps, the re-inking procedure is remarkably easy and mess-free.

Pre-Inked stamps also carry their own ink. But, pre-inked stamps do not use a flip-around device – just a die that is saturated with ink. The ink seeps through the die (which is also patented) at a controlled rate. Many find that a self-inking stamps give a better quality of impression than found with a self-inking stamp.

Q. Can I get a proof before the stamp is made?

You can proof your stamp right on-line. Just click preview and your stamp will be shown to you. No proof will be sent. This ensures you see exactly what you are getting prior to your order. And it ensures you get your stamp quickly. We have the fastest turnaround in the stamp business

Q. Can the stamp be refilled?

Yes, we can sell you a bottle of ink or you can send the stamp back to us to be refilled. Most stamps will make 10,000 or more impressions before needing to be refilled. Traditional rubber stamps require and ink pad accessory.

Q. Can my stamp have a custom graphic or logo?

Yes, but it MUST be a graphic or logo that is 1 color. The graphic must be a .bmp, .jpg, .wmf or .tif file type.

Q. How long will the stamp last?

Most 50,000 impressions with reinking.

Q. Will it work on glossy brochures?

Yes. Most paper types can be stamped but it may need to sit overnight to dry.

Q. Do you have a catalog?

Not currently. We offer low prices and ease of use on-line. This saves us money on catalogs and helps deliver a great value to you, the customer.

Q. Do I need a Stamp Pad?

Only if you order a traditional rubber stamp. Pre-inked and self-inking stamps have the ink inside the stamp body.

Q. Shipping and Handling?

S&H for the first rubber stamp is typically $6.99. Higher quantities may require slightly higher shipping. We ship all stamps UPS ground unless otherwise specified in your order.

Q. What are date stamps?

Date stamps are stamps with rotary bands that allow you to select the month, date and year. They come in a variety of stock and customizable options.

Q. What are Self-Inking Stamps?

Self-Inking stamps have a sleek metal or plastic body with a replaceable ink pad housed inside. When the stamp is idle, the rubber stamp plate rests against the ink pad. When the stamp is pressed, a spring mechanism turns the rubber stamp plate to face the object being imprinted.

Q. What are Numberers?

Numberers are stamps with changeable bands, each band containing the digits 0-9, allowing you to create a multi-digit number to imprint.

Q. Will it work on Photos?

No, the ink will not dry on photos. We do offer special ink for photo stamping. Please call us to order.

Q. What are Pre-Inked Stamps?

Pre-inked stamps hold the ink inside the pad of the stamp. Where self-inking stamps rotate to touch the pad to the internal ink pad, preinked stamps hold the ink inside the stamp rubber itself. Ink needs to be added occasionally to moisten the stamp with more color.