‘F A X E D’ and Date Stamp: ‘F A X E D’ and Dater Stamp - 3.8mm (0.15") date size (ST-0370) Learn More...

Product Description

Get more than 1000s of impressions with this word and dater stamp.

  • The text 'faxed' prints in blue with date in red.
  • Stamp includes a 12 year date band.
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  • 3.8mm (0.15") date size
  • Self-Inking
  • Self Inking Stamp
Self Inking Stamp
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  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Years of trouble free operation.
  • Thousands of Impressions.
  • Trodat print rubber stamps are the world's first truly eco-friendly stamp with a neutral carbon footprint.
  • Easy ink pad replacement. Features a 100% clean cartridge change.
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