Flawless, Quality date stamps by XpressStamp

Are you drafting an official letter? It would be incomplete without the date and the best way to put a date is with a date stamp. Or is it a personal document that carries some important information that you might need to use at a later date? Well, use a date stamp to ensure that no matter when you pull out the document, you would know exactly when you had compiled it. Are you sealing an envelope? It makes sense to add the date. And once again, the best way of doing so is with a date stamp. Date stamps, in most cases, fulfill a number of purposes and are at the same time extremely convenient. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order for a date stamp and get stamping right away!

A simple date stamp or a self inking date stamp?

We at XpressStamp.com, make self inking date stamps as well as the basic date stamps along with which you can use an inking pad. In case of the former, the convenience factor is much higher as you do not need a separate inking pad to print the date. In case of the latter (date stamps), you need a separate inking pad but then this gives you the freedom to select the color of the ink as per your requirement. Basically, at the end of it, the choice boils down to a matter of personal choice. With us, you can rest assured that whichever date stamp you select, the print quality would be excellent. The deeply embossed digits of our date stamps would ensure that the stamp impression is sharp and clear. At the same time, our date stamps are easy to use.

Perfection with convenience

At XpressStamp.com, we couple perfection with convenience. As a result each of our date stamps, including the self inking date stamps have a sleek design that offers convenience and prints the date accurately. Further, to ensure that the date stamps last for a long time, we use the latest technology in producing them. Essentially, in case of date stamps, their usability depends on the year band. We customize this according to your requirement so that your date stamps last for as long as you want them to. At the same time, we understand that precision is equally important, bleeding digits can defeat the purpose of using these date stamps. So we make sure that with our date stamps, including our self inking date stamps, you do not encounter this problem. We also make sure that these stamps are smooth and at the same time quiet and efficient. It doesn’t make sense to have a date stamp if you have to struggle every time to change the digits and land up with ink on your hands. With our date stamps, you can rest assured that the transition would be quick, quiet and efficient.

At your service – whenever, wherever

The motto at XpressStamp.com is ensuring your convenience and satisfaction. As a result, our staff is available for you 24x7. You can contact us at any time and we would get back to you with a solution as soon as possible. In fact, our experts can help you in selecting the ideal date stamp or the self inking date stamp, on the basis of your need. We can offer advice and address all your queries to ensure that you are satisfied with the product that you order, be it a simple date stamp or a self inking date stamp. And in spite of that, just in case you have any problems with the stamp or are not satisfied with the product, we will make sure that we carry out the requisite changes and would even replace the product if the need arises. All you need to do is contact us and we would take care of everything from there on. So when you order a stamp with us, you can sit back and relax as you can rest assured that we would go an extra mile to make sure that you are happy with the product.