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Classic Date Stamp


  Stable base helps insure a good first impression for your date stamp.

Select the size of date stamp that you want and then click Order Stamp to personalize the message.
  Classic Date Stamp
Trodat 2910/P01 Classic Dater Stamp 1.25" x 2"

• Include text, color and font of your choice to suit your requirement.

• Stamp offers a good grip for repetitive stamping.

Max. Print Size: 1.25" x 2" (H x W)
2910/P01  [ST-3328]
Trodat 2910/P02 Classic Dater Stamp 1.5" x 2"

• Include custom text to personalize stamp.

• You can also select the font and color of your choice.

Max. Print Size: 1.5" x 2" (H x W)
2910/P02  [ST-3329]
Trodat 2910/P07 Classic Dater Stamp 1.625" x 2.375"

• Add custom text and select your choice of font and color for the custom text.

Max. Print Size: 1.625" x 2.375" (H x W)
2910/P07  [ST-3330]
Trodat 2910/P10 Classic Dater Stamp 2" x 2.875"

• Stamp offers easy grip for repetitive stamping.

• Add text, color, font to personalize stamp.

Max. Print Size: 2" x 2.875" (H x W)
2910/P10  [ST-3331]
Trodat 2910/P30 Classic Dater Stamp 2" Round

• Add text, color, and font to personalize the stamp.

• Stamp offers an easy grip for repetitive stamping.

Max. Print Size: 2" x 2" (H x W)
2910/P30  [ST-3332]