Rubber Stamps for Any Purpose

Is your wedding around the corner? And do you want to make your wedding intimation letters really special? Or do you want your creativity to reflect in your wedding scrapbook? Well, the best way of doing so is by using a wedding rubber stamp. With a wedding rubber stamp you can truly personalize the intimation letter, and your scrapbook, among scores of other things. Up till now, people have mostly been using business stamps to make their official communication look better. Well you could go a step further to personalize a lot of other important things like wedding related correspondence, invitations and picture books! With our rubber stamps, you can actually add that last touch required to ensure perfection!

We, at Xpress Stamps, provide a number of customized rubber stamp options to suit your requirement precisely. Whether it is a wedding rubber stamp, a business rubber stamp, a signature stamp, or an address stamp that you want, we can give you the best options in the market! So, no matter what you need, just get in touch with us and we would make sure that you get exactly what you want right on time.

Buying a business rubber stamp or any other stamp from Xpress Stamps

We, at Xpress Stamps, customize stamps as per your needs and requirements. Our experts help you in selecting and creating a stamp that would best suit your needs. Once you have given an approval for the design, we use the latest and the best technology to ensure that your rubber stamp is truly a class apart. We also offer the best possible rates and deliver the stamp straight to your doorstep. At the same time, our experts are available for any queries or doubts you may have. All you need to do is contact us and we would make sure that these are addressed. Further, just in case, you are not satisfied with the product, we would make whatever improvements are required, and if the need arises, even replace the stamps.

Caring for your business stamps and wedding rubber stamps

Unlike what most people assume, getting the perfect wedding rubber stamps or business stamps made is not the only thing you need to take care of. To make sure that the painstakingly created stamps last long, you need to ensure that the rubber stamp business or wedding, whatever might be the purpose or the usage, should be kept away from excessive heat, sunlight or any other strong light source. Also, to ensure consistent, clear imprint from your wedding rubber stamp or business stamp, you must make it a point to clean off the ink properly. This would ensure that your rubber stamp business or wedding does not get stained with the ink that you used. This precaution is also essential in case you like to use different ink colors. So, the next time you use the wedding rubber stamp or the business stamp, the color would not mess up.

Ensuring your rubber stamp does not leave the impression of the mount

Have you noticed that your business stamps or wedding rubber stamps sometimes leave the impression of the rubber or the edge of the mount? This could probably be because you press the stamp too hard on the ink pad. Avoid doing this. Tap the business stamp or the wedding rubber stamps lightly on the pad and then onto the surface where you want to leave the impression. This would ensure that the ink does not rub onto the mount or on to the rubber. Also make sure that when you use a rubber stamp business or for a wedding card, you do not rock the stamp. Hold the business rubber stamp or the wedding rubber stamp straight on the surface and then lift it away. This might take a little practice, but it isn’t difficult.

Next time you place an order with us, do take time to speak to one of our experts for more information or tips on your stamps and on using them optimally. We would be delighted to serve you!